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'A Smarter Path to Production'


Smithwise is a product development studio that helps innovators build market-ready devices. Originally called Boston Device Development, the firm had expanded into Philadelphia and found their name was not only geographically limiting but that the company’s energy had transcended its generic brand presentation. The time had come for a change.


Finch Brands guided Smithwise through a process to identify and define the core idea that drives the company and underlies the brand. The process involved in depth research to understand the organization, their clients, and the market as a whole. From the brand strategy work, a new brand took flight, starting with the new name ‘Smithwise.’ A ‘smith’ is a person who is skilled at creating something and a word that references old world craftsmanship, while ‘wise’ references expertise, perspectives, and experience. With the name in place, Finch Brands built a clean, contemporary Smithwise brand across the logo, website, proposal materials, presentations, brochures, etc.


Through our end-to-end process, we were able to capture what makes Smithwise unique and communicate it to those who matter most – their customers and prospects. The brand has a new energy that perfectly captures its engineering soul and enables this fast-growth company to differentiate itself in its market.

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