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Performance Bicycle

Cruising into the future.


Performance Bicycle today owns over 90 retail stores across the country. The pace of growth through acquisitions and expansion presented complex new challenges for the retailer. The company tapped Finch Brands to define and refresh its brand and to gain a comprehensive understanding of its current and prospective customers.


Using extensive database segmentation, Finch Brands developed a custom-tailored research initiative involving a mix of qualitative and quantitative methods. The insights gleaned from the customer research helped to create an informed, relevant Brand Strategy to drive all aspects of the nationwide consumer experience both in-store and online. To facilitate this new path, Finch Brands evolved the brand identity from logo and store design to product catalogs and marketing strategy.


The newly-presented Brand Strategy was lauded as precisely targeted and game-changing for the organization as a whole. New positioning and customer archetypes were rapidly assimilated into daily operations and future planning initiatives. Overall sales for the new Performance store in Chapel Hill, NC thus far represent a 15% increase when compared to similar sized stores.

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