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Repositioning — for real.


Fathead came to Finch Brands with a "big" problem. High potential initiatives (a variety of licensees, different product sizes and price points) couldn't seem to break through the brand's well-known "REAL BIG" reputation. Fathead engaged Finch Brands to help develop a plan to increase awareness and drive demand for its entire suite of offerings.


We began by engaging Fathead's primary stakeholders (including employees, retail partners and consumers) through a multi-phase primary research process. Thorough investigation uncovered significant opportunities to be relevant, namely to focus on the visual impact of Fathead's products as well as the various category, size, pricing and customization options. In order for Fathead to achieve growth and break through the "big" barrier, it would have to shift slightly from its well-known comfort zone.


Finch Brands helped Fathead work through its tagline and evolve from a very exclusionary "REAL BIG" into a better aligned "For Real." Focusing now on product connection rather than just size alone, the brand's eCommerce site was redesigned to make the full product assortments and customization options more accessible. Fathead further took the strategy to heart when it launched a true-to-its-roots national media campaign featuring the NFL's Clay Matthews, touting the entire product suite. For Fathead, newfound opportunity truly is "For Real."

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