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The "original" original.


As Brown-Forman’s whiskey portfolio faces increasing threat from the profusion of craft and small-batch spirits as well as continued competition from traditional adversaries, the company is seeking to burnish its reputation while also exploring news ways to drive loyalty. Brown-Forman and the Jack Daniel’s brand team engaged Finch Brands multiple times to help the company understand and address these conditions.


One project – which remains under non-disclosure – featured a deep research study into the dynamics of how drinks are recommended, ordered, and served and what role Jack Daniel’s can play in supporting that process to the brand’s benefit. While the content is top secret, Finch Brands’ methodology included focus groups with the on-premise trade, ethnography, and quantitative survey techniques.

Related, Brown-Forman sought a creative vehicle to convey to the sales force, trade, and ultimately to the consumer the heritage and strength of its brown whiskey portfolio – and to send the message that Brown-Forman whiskeys are “the original original.” The Finch Brands creative team conceptualized, wrote, and produced video and print advertising in support of this initiative, christened the “Whiskey Roadmap” at Brown-Forman.


The net effect of these engagements is that Brown-Forman and Jack Daniel’s now possess – ready to deploy – strategic and creative content that will enable the company to go on offense in conveying the heritage and quality of its portfolio. Additionally, when it comes to Jack Daniel’s, the brand now possesses contemporary insight and a clear plan to exert ever more influence on the real world process of ensuring Jack gets more than its fair share of use in barrooms across the country. Brown-Forman has used Finch Brands to great effect as a special projects powerhouse to work alongside its existing agencies in helping its brands move forward.

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