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Benjamin Franklin Technology Partners

'Partners with a Purpose'


Ben Franklin Technology Partners of SE Pennsylvania engaged Finch Brands to clarify the organization’s purpose and contemporize its look/feel. An initiative of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Ben possesses many of the characteristics of seed stage venture capital. Yet its scorecard is more public-spirited than simple investor ROI – it is measured by jobs created and overall regional economic activity. With several distinct audiences – investors, entrepreneurs and partners – Ben needed to find a core message to unify its image while defining specific messaging to appeal to each target.


Fueled by stakeholder research, we pushed to simplify the organization’s message – the strategy/tagline ‘Partners with a purpose’ perfectly encapsulated their unique blend of VC and economic development. ‘Partner’ speaks to collaborative success while calling back to ‘venture partners,’ which is a common nomenclature framework in seed stage investing, while ‘purpose’ speaks to Ben’s unique charter. After distilling the complexities of the brand into a single message that resonated with each audience, we rolled this sentiment out across the brand’s touchpoints. We redesigned the organization’s website, brochures, collateral, and annual reports.


While we can’t take credit for Ben’s investment acumen and the thousands of jobs they’ve created throughout the region, we can point to the simplicity and unification of the brand’s messaging. With clarity and confidence, the organization is able to expand its network of investors, investments, and partners.

Finch Brands, 123 South Broad Street, Suite 2150, Philadelphia, PA, 19109, Phone: 215.413.2686