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the situation.

Most companies have a steady flow of decision points in product development, marketing, and beyond. That leaves them with two imperfect options: either invest time/money in fully customized research every time or simply go without data that would be helpful. Technology has made this a false choice — Finch Brands has the solution.

the solution.

Introducing FinchSight research communities. Backed by cutting-edge digital research tools and managed by our experienced team of brand strategists, a private FinchSight community enables you to access the voice of your target consumer on-demand, year-round. Now you can make more informed decisions at the speed of your business.

    Mobile access
    allows for faster
    access to
    Makes insights
    richer, more collaborative,
    and iterative
    Get key questions
    into the field
    almost in real time
    40-50% less
    expensive than

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  • Innovation

    Brand Development

    Communications Evaluation

    Customer Experience

    Brand Reputation

  • Ideation


    Focus Groups, IDIs, Discussions

    Quantitative Research

    Secondary Data Analysis

  • B2B and B2C

    CPG / Retail


    Financial Services


  • Respondents complete all questions
    before seeing other respondents

    Inline commenting allows for moderator
    probing and peer-to-peer response

    Images and video may be included
    in moderator questions or
    customer responses

  • Great for shop alongs, in-home
    ethnography, diaries, trackers, and more

    Send customers out on assignments
    in the real world

    Easily collect any type of data ascross
    devices (surveys, text, images, video)

finchsight benefits

  1. Actionable Insights

    Finch Brands is a real-world branding agency – we come at communities from an experienced and practical place.

  2. Full Service

    Finch Brands is a one-stop shop that integrates all competencies necessary to run a world class community.

  3. Member Engagement

    We drive community member involvement, which leads to high participation rates and to more interested respondents who answer your questions thoughtfully.